What we all know about dwarfism is a medical condition of human disorder of short limbs. However, during my professional career, I’d been interacting with people who were suffering from the same ailment but psychologically not physically.

I believe dwarfism does exist psychologically because people with the right height are very small in judgments, attitude and professional conducts. They don’t grow intellectually, professionally and emotionally. Their stature in such things always remains small. They never come out of their state of dwarfism of low mentality, and self-centeredness.

They just wanted to win no matter what; they know no ethics, shortsightedness, and disrespect to others opinion would never let them grow. They have only one thing, which is high, and that is their self-esteem rest they are suffering from mental dwarfism but awfully they are not aware of that but even awareness doesn’t help because of Mr. Right that would never let them believe of this suffering and cure is not possible without diagnostics.

The only thing that can help is self-effacement; growth will start from here … I wish you all a Gigantism in your thoughts, and emotions. I’ll like to leave you with the following thought

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds!\” (Marcus Garvey)

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